The end of UK Aid to India

I submitted this infographic as the final assignment of Alberto Cairo's massive online open course Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization at the Knight Center of the University of Texas. We were at liberty to create whatever work in which we could combine the lessons of the course. 

Inspired by the recent announcement by the UK government that it was cutting its aid to India, I created a vertical infographic taking into account the following lessons:

  1. Look for a story in the data.
  2. Convey a narrative.
  3. Use good copy to draw the reader in.
  4. Combine several graphs.
  5. Present the same data in different ways.
  6. Use the appropriate graph for the data.
  7. Pick the color scheme carefully.
  8. Label and include legends.

The story is that it is a big deal that the UK cut its aid to India and there are many ways to understand the causes and consequences. It is a delicate topic and I did not want to turn the infographic into an editorial. It is rather designed to help the reader think about the issue and maybe open a few new perspectives, especially since some of the actors have strong opinions about this shift.

The infographic starts by showing the reader how important this decision is: India is a top recipient of UK aid. Then it goes into a comparison of the two countries, to reflect on their relative economic health. This leads into an exploration of poverty in India and finally an overture towards the other potential beneficiaries of this change, placing this policy decision into its larger context. The sources are also an important aspect of an infographic and I wanted to provide them in a clear way to support the credibility of the data.