Voilà is building a roster of professionals with the right skills to contribute to information design projects when the demand exceeds the supply, both in terms of quality and volume. Contact us through the form, explaining what you do, and we'll start a discussion. 

Across all of these, there are two threads. First, it's visual. Second, it's analytical.

Analyst. We work with people who have a knack for finding what's interesting in a data set, for asking the right questions to find the causes and consequences of the phenomenon that they observe.

Graphic designer. Apply especially if you always had an interest in the content of what you're designing, if you like to engage with its meaning, the design to enhance it.

Illustrator. Not everything we do is graphs. We also illustrate concepts and processes with drawings and illustrations.

Statistician. Some of our work is data intensive and requires sounds analytical analysis.

Programmer. We're interested if you have skills with programming languages like R and D3 or mapping tools. 

Editor. French and English welcome.

If you're picked, we can't guarantee a gig, but you'll be at the top of the list when one comes up.

We work in French and English so fluency in both languages is an asset though not a requirement.