Visual Summary and Timeline of a New York Times Article

Walt Bogdanich and Glenn Silber have written a gripping article in the New York Times about the suspicious circumstances of Michelle O'Connell's death, in September 2010. It was published on the front page and, on the web, given special treatment with audio, video and graphics. It remains however a complex article, sometimes hard to follow due to the number of protagonist, their complex relationships and changing positions. I counted 39 people referred to by name, and a host more of people mentioned only by title. 

Hours after reading it, the article was still on my mind and I started imagining a visual organization that would clarify who falls on which side, and show two points made in the article: the people who favor the suicide explanation are mostly colleagues of Jeremy Banks, and there have been a lot of questionable methods employed in this case. So I made the following cheat sheets, a companion piece to the article to help the reader make sense of it.

Two Gunshots Protagonists Visual.jpg

I also produced a visual timeline because it seemed that the timing of certain events might matter. I used the text from the original New York Times article, a timeline put together by the local paper, the St. Augustine Record, and that of the sheriff's office. I decided to link beginnings and endings to help clarify the intricacies of the different procedures started successively or concurrently.

Two Gunshots Visual Timeline.jpg

Adapted from two blog posts from November 2013.